Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Corbett favored in Pennsylvania

While Democratic prospects in the Pennsylvania Senate race are now looking a lot brighter than they were three months ago, the contest for Governor continues to look like an uphill battle. Tom Corbett leads Dan Onorato 45-35, indicating Onorato has only picked up a little bit of support after trailing 45-32 on PPP's previous poll of the race in early April.

Corbett has two big things going for him: a 44-20 advantage with independents and the fact that he's winning 74% of the Republican vote while Onorato has just 57% of his party's voters lined up behind him.

Both of the candidates are still relatively unknown at this point. 50% of voters have no opinion about Corbett one way or the other. He has good numbers among those who do with 31% seeing him favorably to 19% with a negative opinion. 53% have no opinion about Onoraro and the reviews he gets are somewhat less positive- 22% have a favorable view of him while 25% rate him unfavorably.

One thing that can't be doing Onorato's prospects any favors is the high level of unpopularity of outgoing Governor Ed Rendell. He has just a 35% approval rating with 53% of voters disapproving of him. It's no surprise that voters are reluctant to elect another Democratic Governor when they feel so negatively toward the one already in office.

There's a lot of room for the race to shift with the candidates so little known, but for now it looks like the GOP is strongly favored to take back this office.

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herbs814 said...

In the 7 previous fiscal years, Governor Rendell and the legislature have never produced a budget before the July 1 deadline. Last year's budget was 101 days late. Rendell consistently asks for more and more government spending (far above increases in private personal income) even in the face of a recession. Such wasteful government spending is abusive towards taxpayers. Rendell's eagerness to steal more and more from productive taxpayers and businesses in order to pay off political cronies like the teachers' unions is unconscionably evil. Pennsylvania is eager for a Republican governor. Pennsylvania is eager for a responsible adult to lead the commonwealth.

Republicans are the party of responsible adults; Democrats are the party of spoiled childish brats and thugs.

GOP_Truth said...

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Did you know:

.... Tom Corbett's campaign is bankrolled by the Labor, Teacher and State employee Unions?

... Tom Corbett is unopposed to standing PA law that allows for forced unionization?

... Tom Corbett has no plan to address the 2012 PA pension crisis?

... Tom Corbett's economic development plan has been given a "FAIL" rating by the conservative Commonwealth Foundation because it is stuffed with subsidies, corporate kickbacks and "green jobs"?

Tom Corbett is trying to be PA's next Arlen Specter. We have no true choice this fall. I'm going to write in a candidate or not vote for governor.

Heck, I may even vote for Onorato just to tell the Republican leadership that I am SICK of them shoving liberals down my throat.


A very disgruntled and disheartened Republican voter.

PS: click on my name to see documentation of all these claims.

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