Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Current State of Health Care Opinion

There's been virtually no change in public opinion about the health care bill since its passage. This month we find 43% of voters express support for it and 49% are opposed. Immediately before the vote in March the numbers were 45% favoring it to 49% in opposition.

Our polling since President Obama signed the bill into law has found support every month in the 43-45% range and opposition at 49 or 50%.

The numbers on health care did peak at the end, so even though they haven't improved since March the current level of support does represent a higher mark than we saw throughout most of the the debate on the bill. Support was stuck in the 36-40% range from November through February.

There's probably not going to be a big shift in public opinion on the health care bill until folks really start feeling it affect them one way or another.

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Christian Liberty said...

Considering that Americans are going to LOSE THEIR HEALTH CARE PLANS because of Obama's tyrannical stunt, when it starts hitting people Americans will turn sharply AGAINST Obamacare and in favor of REPEAL.

Politico: Get ready to lose your insurance under Obamacare

If Democrats have any commonsense at all, they will turn against Obamacare and lead the charge for repeal, just like Democrats turned against Rostenkowski and led the charge for repeal of his healthcare plan.

Christian Liberty said...

The Future of Obamacare

Obamacare WILL be repealed. Democrats can either join the cause of repeal or suffer the consequences.

Christian Liberty said...

Every single week, majorities have always favored repeal.

If Democrats don't advocate repeal before November 2010, they will lose big. If Democrats don't advocate repeal before November 2012, they will lose more. If Democrats don't advocate repeal before November 2014, they will lose even more. If Democrats don't advocate repeal before November 2016, they will lose even more.

Bluejoy said...

It comes down to qui bono, who benefits? If the average person benefits, opinion will rise in favor.
If the average person does not, well obviously the result is predictable. The middle class is on the fence because any real subsidy benefit straddles the line. The bill makes some strides toward lowering costs for certain income groups, but much less for others. If you make under $40,000 dollars per this bill helps but if you are above $50,000 dollars per all you really get is a mandate. Many more will get help which is great but others will just get another directive from the Government. Why they just did not expand Medicaid and be done with it is what I want to know. Simple, more people get it, more funding for it, done. Leave the rest be.

Anonymous said...

Whoah! I couldn't believe that R2k has been brought down! I always claimed that they screw polls! They missed CA-SEN GOP Primary by a whopping 49 pts! Had Campbell ahead of Fiorina by 15, Fiorina won by 34! Was 8 pts off in AR, 33 pts off in AL, 14 pts off in PA-12 and the list goes on and on! Thank you Nate Silver in part. Probably R2k goes down now without their biggest client.

PackMan97 said...

Here is what I know. My wife and I underwent fertility treatments last year, two rounds of IVF ending in a not pregnant and a miscarriage). We don't make a lot of money but we've been saving up like mad to be able to pay for these (insurance doesn't cover).

This pushed us WAY over the medical deduction threshold. We also maxed out our Flexible Spending to reduce the end cost of these.

This health care bill would have had us pay $2k more in taxes as a result of two tax law changes:
1. Raise the medical deduction threshold from 7.5% to 10%.
2. Lower the flexible spending account max from $5k to 2.5k.

Why Obama and the Democrats feel the need to tax those who had a lot of medical bills is beyond me...but that's what they did. Someone has to pay, so why not kick someone while they are down?

I had been registered as an I and had voted for Ds before (not quite as often as Rs). Never again will I vote for a Democrat. This bill is awful for anyone with high medical expenses.

Christian Liberty said...

How informed people feel about Obamacare:

The More We Learn, The Worse It Gets

Christian Liberty said...

Top 10 Reasons Obamacare is a Disaster

Christian Liberty said...

Friday night news dump: White House says 51 percent of company health plans won't meet Obamacare guidelines

So much for Obama's promise that you can keep your healthcare plan. After Obamacare is forced upon us by Democrats' propaganda and thug tactics, we are now finding out how destructive and tyrannical Democrats' health care Deform would be.

America will demand that Obamacare be repealed.

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