Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Indecision reigns in Michigan Dem Primary

The Democratic race for Governor in Michigan isn't much of a race yet. Neither candidate is known to more than a third of primary voters and as a result a majority of them remain undecided.

The race is more or less tied with Virg Bernero holding an inside the margin of error advantage over Andy Dillon, 26-23. Both contenders are basically blank slates with 67% of voters having no opinion about Dillon and 73% saying the same when it comes to Bernero.

This race has been portrayed as a clear ideological choice between the two candidates and it actually is playing out that way so far with the voters who already have a preference. Bernero is up 38-15 with liberals but Dillon is up 29-27 with moderates and 20-5 with conservatives. Bernero is up big with voters under 65 but a 34-18 advantage for Dillon with senior citizens is keeping it close overall.

This contest has a long way to go...

Full results here

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