Monday, June 28, 2010

Wisconsin Senate a Real Race

We're going to have Wisconsin Senate numbers out tomorrow and they confirm that this is a real race, even after Tommy Thompson decided not to run.

I actually think Ron Johnson is a more formidable opponent for Russ Feingold than Thompson would have been. Obviously Thompson was a proven vote getter after winning four terms as Governor but our polling on him earlier this year also showed really high negatives. Our March poll of the state showed his favorability at 40/44 and in November it was 38/45.

Johnson begins as an unknown to a majority of voters in the state, but that gives him a lot more room to define himself positively than Thompson would have had as someone everyone in the state already had an opinion about.

It'll be an interesting race- those numbers should be out tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! How about Westlake? How can the man spend no money on mass media and be only 6 points behind? That is what has my attention this summer!

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