Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does Palin's endorsement even matter?

Folks who don't pay a lot of attention to Alaska polling numbers might assume that Sarah Palin is by far the most popular Republican in the state and that Lisa Murkowski could be seriously affected by Palin's endorsement of her primary opponent...but that's not true. Murkowski's 77/13 approval with Republican voters is almost identical to Palin's 78/15 favorability. Because of that Murkowski won't likely see much negative effect from Palin's action.

And for what it's worth when you get beyond the GOP base in Alaska Murkowski is much more popular than Palin- a 52/36 approval spread compared to the former Governor's 47/45 favorability.

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Anonymous said...


There's a big difference in their "very favorable" ratings among Republicans.

In a primary election, the "very favorable" rating is probably more dispositive between two people with the same favorable rating.

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