Friday, June 18, 2010

Next Week

Things went a little haywire with the vote on where to poll this week, I'm thinking maybe because of the crush of traffic that resulted from getting Drudge linked on the poll that showed Louisiana voters thinking Bush did better with Katrina than Obama's done with oil spill. Texas and Pennsylvania were winning by a wide margin before that happened and that's where we'll poll this week.

In Texas we'll obviously look at the Governor's race. We're also going to investigate folks' thoughts about Kay Bailey Hutchison possibly running again and Joe Barton's comments. And we'll see if they think TCU and/or Houston should be added to the Big 12, and what conference they want Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech playing in even if that decision's already been made for the time being.

In Pennsylvania we'll do both the Senate and Gubernatorial races, see what folks think about Rick Santorum these days, and take the pulse of Steelers fans on Ben Roethlisberger.

Stay tuned for that next week and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Poll Ann Richards and see what comes up!!

Anonymous said...

With no Senate race to poll, might it be possible to poll 1 or 2 CDs? Joe Barton would probably be a waste, but what about Edwards and Rodriguez? Republicans didn't look that strong in NC, and obviously they would have to win seats somewhere.

Mark BL said...

Might I suggest you tackle Florida in the near future? The Senate race is shaping up to be quite the spectacle, a major Governor's race is on tap, a large Hispanic population beckons to be asked about Arizona's law, and the addition of Gingrich promises to stir things up a bit for the GOP 2012 hopefuls.

Anonymous said...

It would also be nice if you did some George Bush approval ratings. Also Congressman Mac Thornberry in the 13th district. It is tied for the highest Republican PVI and I think he may be in trouble with a third party candidate.

herbs814 said...

Mark, Hispanics have already been polled about Arizona's immigration enforcement. They are just as likely to SUPPORT Arizona's law as they are to oppose it... and they are no more likely (and no more enthusiastic) to support Democrats than they were before Arizona's overwhelmingly popular law was signed.

herbs814 said...

Voters in big states prefer small-government candidates

Republicans leading in TX, PA, FL, MI

Brown below 50 in CA
Quinn struggling in IL

Cuomo in NY sounds like a tea party candidate: "Government in New York is too big, ineffective and expensive," the candidate's website proclaims. "We must get our State's fiscal house in order by immediately imposing a cap on state spending and freezing salaries of state public employees as part of a one-year emergency financial plan, committing to no increase in personal or corporate income taxes of sales taxes and imposing a local property tax cap."

Budget-cutting Republicans in IN and NJ are some of the most popular governors in the nation.

Expect more of the same, strong support for cutting government spending. Democrats need to embrace the limited government message... or be run over by the electorate stampeding to the right in November.

herbs814 said...

To amend the above comment, Hispanics appear no more likely to approve of Obama than before the overwhelmingly popular immigration law was signed. (Extending the lack of support to Western Democrats as well may have gone too far.)

Hispanic support for Western Democrat challengers may be increasing, but Obama (and the Democrat congress?) does not seem to benefit.

Voters are frustrated with Washington inaction. But Hispanics do apparently support increased immigration enforcement about as strongly as they support Republicans. Immigration is unlikely to be a wedge issue that can turn Hispanics into a monolithic Democratic voting block.

56% of Hispanic Republicans say McCain is too lenient on immigration. Only 17% say too tough...

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