Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E-Mail of the Day

For the record the answer is no:
My name is Robert and i would like to know if the organization ACORN was ever the "main funder" or originator of the Public Policy Polling? There is a dispute in my hometown about the influence ACORN has with PPP. I was always under the conclusion that ACORN had nothing to do with PPP and that you are an independant polling organization. Am i wrong or does ACORN have a bigger influence on PPP than we all thought? Please help

Thank you,
Robert Williams


Ben (The Tiger in Exile) said...

If that were so, it'd be an interesting strategy.

ACORN funding a polling company to tell us that the Dems were in a bad state this year, to lull GOPers into complacency...

Maybe the Dems' dark arts of politics people _should_ do something like that...

Michael Dohrn said...

Interesting. I'm actually curious where one would get this idea from, or the logic that leads to it. Any leads?

Anonymous said...

Though I frequently question some of PPP's polling results and follow up commentaries, not for a second would I consider, as valid or even reasonable, the notion that ACORN, in any way, influences their numbers. The suggestion, as such, is nothing short of being totally ridiculous.

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