Monday, November 24, 2008

Georgia: Chambliss expands lead

Saxby Chambliss 52
Jim Martin 46

Benefiting from increased support with independent voters since the general election, Saxby Chambliss has expanded his lead to six points in Georgia's runoff election for US Senate, an improvement from the three point advantage he had on election day.

In PPP's final pre election poll Chambliss led Martin 44-41 with independents, as Libertarian Allen Buckley earned 12% of their votes. Now Martin is still at 41%, but Chambliss' share of the indy vote has gone from 44% to 53%. Each candidate is earning over 90% support from voters within his own party. That's an increase from the last poll we did before the November 4th election, and an indication that those planning to turn out for the runoff may be mostly the strongest of party stalwarts.

Chambliss leads 69-29 with white voters. Even with a higher than expected black turnout for the runoff that share of the white vote would not be good enough for Martin to win- he needs to move closer to a third of it.

Martin leads with voters under 45, but Chambliss has a staggering 69-31 lead with senior citizens, and with the balance of the electorate between older and younger voters tipping in an old direction for the runoff, that makes Martin's climb that much harder.

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Anonymous said...

I know that there will be a large MOE due to small size of the subsample, but is there any chance that you could break down the demographics of those who say that they've already voted, and compare that to actual voting statistics?

Because I find it rather strange that Martin has a lead among early voters, when the actual numbers have them far more white (and thus, intuitively, Chambliss-friendly) than your overall sample. It could just be that these early white voters are more Democrats, and college students.

Anonymous said...


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jacksmith - WORKING CLASS... :-)

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