Friday, November 21, 2008

Jim Martin

Last night I was contemplating the oddity of the fact that Jim Martin lost a bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia by 12 points just two years ago but had now forced a runoff in his quest for a much more important office.

When I thought about it though I guess it's not that unusual. Sarah Palin, of course, lost in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor in Alaska six years ago and has now risen to much greater heights. And I know of at least one Senate colleague Martin will have if he's elected who also got elected to the body not too long after a losing contest for Lieutenant Governor- does anyone know who it is?

You can figure the answer pretty easily if you figure out why I would know this bit of arcana about this particular person.


Full Infinity Flame said...

That hint didn't help.

Anonymous said...

3 possible choices:

Debbie Stabenow lost as the Lite Gov nominee in '94. Elected senator 6 years later.

Mel Martinez lost in '94 Republican primary for Lite Gov. Elected senator 10 years later.

Dick Durbin lost as the Lite Gov nominee in '78. Elected senator 18 years later.

Tom Jensen said...

I was thinking of Debbie Stabenow because I'm from Michigan but you get points for REALLY knowing the answer to the question! I think I knew about Martinez now that you mention it but certainly not Durbin.

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