Monday, November 17, 2008

Spring Interns pt. 2

Update: Just to clarify in response to some questions, this is a 200 hour internship (roughly 15 hrs/week) over the course of the spring semester and we're pretty flexible on scheduling.

PPP will be hiring one paid intern for the spring. This is not a coffee pouring experience- our interns work on our day to day polling as well as writing and analyzing several of their own polls.

I expect this to be a competitive process. If you'd like to apply please e-mail (tomj at publicpolicypolling dot com) me a copy of your resume and a 250 word examination (a blog post, essentially) of something about the numbers that you thought was interesting about the election in North Carolina.

We'll be taking applications through next Friday, November 21st. We'll pick several folks to interview the first couple days of the next week and hopefully have an offer made by Thanksgiving.

We'll start the process for summer intern selection in February.

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