Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama NC Victory Likely

Barack Obama is now down by 3,000 votes with Buncombe and Chatham Counties as the only ones that have not reported at all. We think Obama will win those counties by a combined total of roughly 15,000 votes. Unless there is something strange about the precincts yet to report in the few partially reported counties Obama will take NC by less than a point.

Update: Although the totals are not yet being included in the official results with the Board of Elections, Barack Obama won Buncombe County by 17,000 votes according to the county's website. That should give Obama the victory in North Carolina unless something funny happens in the few remaining returns from Mecklenburg, Cumberland, Wilson, or Warren Counties.


RS said...

Hey Tom,
Just a note - it looks like you did pretty well in PA, OH, CO, even IN, NC, MT (currently toss-ups). Not so much in GA, but oh well...
Good job!

Anonymous said...

Just a general thought:
In the words of MLK, "Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!".
Thank you for all your fine work, PPP!

Anonymous said...

So what's the holdup on NC? What is left to be counted and will Obama carry the state?

Anonymous said...

Well, a little short on NV, but then who wasn't (no one showed a 12 point margin). You were one of the few who saw the utter blowout in NM. That 15 point margin was one of the biggest surprises to me. The top 3 surprises to me were 12 pts in NV, winning IN, and 15 pts in NM).

Great job! Hopefully all will realize that despite your personal leanings, PPP polls are nonpartisan and accurate.

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