Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where Kennedy's supporting is coming from

As Caroline Kennedy meets with leaders in Upstate New York today, a new Public Policy Polling analysis finds that's where she's weakest when it comes to popular support from Democrats across the state.

Statewide Kennedy is the top choice of 44% of New York Democrats to replace Hillary Clinton, followed by Andrew Cuomo at 23%.

Although Kennedy is the top choice in the Upstate as well, that support is not as strong as it is in New York City and its surrounding areas. 36% there would pick her, compared to 22% for Cuomo. Kirsten Gillibrand and Brian Higgins, who get only 6% and 5% statewide, receive 11% and 13% respectively in the Upstate.

Kennedy gets her strongest support in the suburbs, where she's the top choice of 57% of Democrats compared to 24% for Cuomo. In the city itself the numbers pretty much mirror what they are statewide: 45% preferring Kennedy and 25% for Cuomo.

If Kennedy is looking to shore up her popular support as she tries to get David Paterson to pick her, the Upstate is the place to be.

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robert said...

Tom, Thanks for this and for all your excellent work and blog posts. One small quibble from a New Yorker - I don't think anyone here calls upstate New York "the Upstate." I'd drop the definite article if I were you. Keep up the great work,

Rob M.

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