Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black Turnout in NC: Impacts it had and Impacts it didn't: Conclusion

This is the conclusion of PPP's report about the impacts that high black turnout had on the outcomes of key political races in North Carolina last year- and the impacts it didn't. You can read the full thing here.
The impact that Barack Obama’s candidacy and the increased black turnout it brought had on down ballot races in North Carolina this year has perhaps been exaggerated. Few contests would have clearly had different winners with a more standard black turnout, although the Governor’s race is certainly a notable one. Nevertheless, ensuring the continued turnout and engagement of those black voters Obama brought out for the first time would go a long way toward ensuring future Democratic electoral success, and as the party faithful pick a new chair one of the top priorities for whoever takes that office should be finding a way to keep those folks in the fold.

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