Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missourians think Nixon will be an upgrade

Who will prove to be the better Governor?

Jay Nixon 50
Matt Blunt 32

As Jay Nixon takes office as Missouri's newest Governor, voters in the state think he will do a better job than the outgoing occupant of the office, Matt Blunt.

Nixon leads Blunt 50-32 on that count, with 18% unsure. While 75% of Democrats predictably think Nixon is going to be an upgrade, he also benefits from nearly a quarter of Republicans thinking he'll end up being better than their party's recent occupant of the office. Nixon also has a significant edge with independents, 50-29.

Greater confidence in Nixon is pretty steady across demographic lines with whites, blacks, men, women, and folks of all age groups expressing belief that he will be an improvement on Blunt.

Full results here.

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