Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Polling on the Smoking Ban

We're due for an update, but when the bill banning smoking in restaurants was up in the General Assembly two years ago we found that 67% of voters supported it. There wasn't much of a partisan divide on it either, with 68% of Democrats and 63% of Republicans in support.

I think our friends at Civitas know there's no way they can word a poll question to get the voters of the state to oppose the smoking ban because instead of asking about that on their poll this month they asked a question about whether a bill should be passed allowing restaurants to determine their own smoking policies.

That's fine, but the House Majority Leader is not vigorously pushing such a bill and when it comes down to whether the voters of the state support his proposal, they do by a wide margin.

Elon found the same thing two years ago.

All that said, I went to the Civitas luncheon today and appreciated their fine hospitality and entertaining program. I'll have some more thoughts on their findings later.

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