Monday, January 5, 2009

Kennedy Before and After

When PPP conducted a survey last month about the New York Senate vacancy, we only interviewed Democrats. This time we interviewed all voters, so to make a complete apples to apples comparison of how folks are looking at Kennedy now compared to a month ago we need to look at her standing on a few key indicators just within her own party.

First her favorability:

Kennedy Favorability among Democrats


December 9th


January 4th


Although a majority of Democrats still have a favorable view of her, the number who see her unfavorably has nearly tripled over the last four weeks.

Second their preference between her and Andrew Cuomo:

Kennedy/Cuomo Preference among Dems


December 9th

44/23 Kennedy

January 4th

54/34 Cuomo

Last month almost twice as many Democrats said they wanted to see Kennedy appointed to the Senate as said they preferred Cuomo. Now he has a 20 point advantage within the party.

If Kennedy does receive the appointment it's safe to say she'll need to do some mending of her reputation.

Tomorrow PPP will release results looking at how Kennedy and Cuomo each stack up to likely GOP nominee Peter King in possible 2010 faceoffs.

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