Friday, January 9, 2009

Major Regional Differences when it comes to Kennedy

Voters in New York City like Caroline Kennedy a lot. Those upstate, not so much.

Our New York poll last weekend found that city voters see her favorably by a 55/28 ratio. She does pretty well in the suburbs too, where it's 48/38. But upstate voters have an overall negative opinion of her, 37/47.

It's not simply an issue that upstate voters are more conservative either, because they view Andrew Cuomo positively 57/21. Cuomo's popularity is consistent across the state with 59% of city people and 56% of suburbanites having a favorable opinion of him as well.

Even in the city though, voters would rather see Cuomo appointed by David Paterson. It's a tighter 50-41 margin for him there than it is in the suburbs (56-29) and upstate (64-20).

If Kennedy ends up getting the appointment she's going to have to really work the media markets outside New York City to build up her credibility in preparation for a reelection contest.

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Anonymous said...


We all know that kennedy is going to be the nominee. No matter how many polls are released, camelot will overcome it. Not only she will be the NY senator but in 2016, she will try to get the nomination for president

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