Monday, January 26, 2009

Virginia Tracking

Ok Virginia people, help me out here...

We're starting monthly Virginia 2009 tracking next week. We'll just be doing Democratic primary voter polls through June and then switch over to the whole electorate after the primary.

Every poll will include favorability ratings for Terry McAuliffe, Creigh Deeds, and Brian Moran as well as how they fare against each other, of course.

For Lieutenant Governor the candidates I'm aware of are Pat Edmonson, Jody Wagner, Jon Bowerbank, and Rich Savage. Does that cover the announced candidates?

And my understanding is that Steve Shannon now has a clear path to the nomination for Attorney General so that doesn't need to be covered on these primary voter polls.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anything else we should be asking on these Virginia Democratic polls?


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be terrible to test the favorables/approvals of Warner Webb and Kaine while you are at it. Kaine is more interesting with his new DNC role. And actually, I'm curious how Obama holds up in Virginia now that the election is over.

Of course, none of these are election related, so it doesn't really answer your question.

Will you also be tracking New Jersey?

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that you do a poll of the entire electorate before the primary? It seems like a good idea to figure out which of the contenders is a stronger candidate in the general

Anonymous said...

Us conservatives need this one badly; our guy is such a good candidate, solid conservative, this one would be difficult to stomach, especially to a carpetbagger like McAuliffe.

This is a must win for us and I think we'll get it. Just sit back with popcorn and let the dems destroy each other. Beautiful, McDonnell should be able to run against Kaine's record.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you should do NJ as well since they have a competitive governors race as well.

Tom Jensen said...

I am sure we will do New Jersey polling later in the year but we're starting with Virginia now because of the interesting primary.

Anonymous said...

I think Michael Signer, former deputy counsel to former Governor Mark Warner and former legislative aide to current gubernatorial candidate and State Senator Creigh Deeds, is in the running for the Democratic Lieutenant Governor nomination.

Anonymous said...

Michael Signer is in fact running to Lt. Gov.

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