Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Perdue's Diversity

Bev Perdue took some hits when she initially announced her 100% white male transition team, so I'm surprised there's been no comment on the diversity of her cabinet selections.

It breaks down as five white men, three black men, and two white women. In a state with a 22% black population that means they're fairly represented, certainly a good thing.

It might be a surprise that there aren't more women, but truthfully, the representation of white women in executive government in North Carolina isn't too bad right now with six out of ten Council of State members and the Governor herself fitting that description.

Perdue did a good job with her cabinet picks. It appears she's chosen competent people across the board and I don't think any of the choices appear to fall too firmly into the category of campaign payback. Of course the much greater test is what the folks in those seats do than simply who they are.

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