Monday, January 26, 2009

Dole's Problem

I think ultimately if you have to name a single reason Elizabeth Dole lost her reelection bid, it's because she was perceived as not attentive enough to North Carolina. A new PPP survey helps get to the heart of how little passion voters believe she had for the state.

Only 15% of North Carolina voters think that Dole will choose to settle here now that she is no longer representing the state in the US Senate. 41% think she will live in Washington DC and 29% believe she will now make her home in Kansas, with 15% unsure.

When only one out of seven voters thinks you're going to stick around in the state after your term ends, is it any wonder that Dole wasn't reelected?

Even among Republicans, who presumably would have more faith in Dole's affection for North Carolina, only 23% think she will remain here. Overall 63% of Republicans, 68% of independents, and 76% of Democrats believe she will settle either in Washington or Kansas.

It's a strong warning to Richard Burr and Kay Hagan not to get too afflicted by beltway fever. There's certainly a price to pay at the voting booth.

Full results here

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