Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New York Football Survey

A new PPP poll looks at the preferred NFL teams of residents in the state of New York:

Giants 50
Bills 36
Jets 14

White fans narrowly name the Giants as their favorite team over the Bills, 46-42. Black fans are overwhelmingly for the Giants, 65-18. There is a political divide in football loyalty as well. Democrats go strongly for the Giants, 53-32, while a small plurality of Republicans prefer the Bills, 45-44.

PPP also asked fans of each team a few specific questions about issues currently concerning the franchise.

Giants fans are optimistic their team will win the Super Bowl. 73% believe that will be the case.

There is an interesting racial division when it comes to what Giants fans think should happen with Plaxico Burress. Overall 60% of their fans think he should never be allowed to return to the team. But while only 31% of white Giants fans would like to see him on the roster, 63% of black fans think he should be able to come back.

Despite the Bills' end of season collapse, their fans agree with the team's decision to retain Dick Jauron for another year as head coach. 59% say keeping him was the right thing. But they disagree strongly with management on the decision to move several home games over the next few seasons to Toronto. 76% say all Bills home games should be held in Buffalo.

Jets fans aren't sure whether Brett Favre should come back next year- and they disagree with the decision to fire Eric Mangini. 52% of the team's faithful would like to see Favre spend another season for the team behind center with 48% saying he should not come back. Only 42% of the team's fans agree with axing Mangini.

Full results here.

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