Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big question in Arizona

Is Rasmussen an "East Coast, left-wing Democratic smear group?"

That's what Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, called us to the Arizona Republic last week after we released our poll on next year's race for Governor.

We showed Brewer trailing likely Democratic opponent Terry Goddard by 10 points and with a -17 net approval rating.

Rasmussen released a poll yesterday showing Brewer with an even worse -20 net approval rating and a pretty similar seven point deficit against Goddard.

I think someone in the Arizona press needs to go back and ask Mr. Senseman if he thinks that Rasmussen is also a left wing Democratic smear group!

On a more serious note though, I don't understand what flacks on either the Democratic or Republican side of the aisle think they accomplish by employing such over the top rhetoric. If the Brewer camp could have pointed to something in the internals of the poll to show why it skewed in a Democratic direction that might have helped their cause but this sort of talk just makes them look ridiculous- and desperate.


Anonymous said...


Brewer is just playing politics at your expense. Why begrudge her that? You get your name out there.

Bharat said...

You said Rasmussen when you meant to say PPP

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