Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Virginians on the right wing media

Roughly equal numbers of Virginians have a positive opinion of two of the country's leading right wing mouthpieces. Rush Limbaugh's at 30% and Glenn Beck's at 28%. For his increasing prominence of late though Beck can't come close to Limbaugh in inspiring liberal hatred. 54% of Virginians have an unfavorable view of Limbaugh to just 37% for Beck.

The main reason I asked this poll question was to see how conservatives perceived the two- whether Beck had caught up to Limbaugh in popularity and also who those folks viewed as being the more influential.

Their net favorabilities with conservatives are equal at +49 but Limbaugh continues to be better known. He's at 65/16 to Beck's 57/8. 42% think Limbaugh is the more powerful of the pair to 22% for Beck.

Overall 38% of Virginians think Limbaugh is the more influential compared to 16% for Beck. You have to imagine that six months ago no one would have picked Beck though so it's still a pretty remarkable testament to how fast his stock has risen.

Even though independents are supporting Bob McDonnell 53-37 against Creigh Deeds, a majority of them have an unfavorable opinion of Limbaugh. Maybe Deeds needs to run an ad where McDonnell's face morphs into Limbaugh's! (Just kidding but does anyone know if that has actually been done in a race before with Limbaugh?)

Full results here

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Rick H. said...

I wonder how many of those who "hate Limbaugh" have ever listened to the show. They "hate" him because someone told them they should. Open minded liberals are oh so inspiring.

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