Monday, November 23, 2009

Corruption in NC

North Carolina voters don't have much trust in their politicians, regardless of party.

45% think that the Democrats in state government are corrupt to 27% who think they are not. The Republicans aren't a whole lot better with 37% thinking they're corrupt to just 28% who believe they are not. There are a lot more undecideds about the Republicans probably due to their out of power status.

It's predictable that Democratic voters think Republicans are corrupt and vice versa, but there's actually a decent number of folks who think their own parties are as well. 26% of Democrats think their own party is corrupt and 25% of Republicans say the same of theirs.

These numbers are a good indication of why corruption hasn't been a particularly effective electoral issue for Republicans in 2006 and 2008 despite the number of Democratic scandals. The voters don't really trust them any more than they do the Democrats.

North Carolinians also think that corruption in the state is on the rise. 55% believe there is more of it going on in state government than there was 25 years ago with only 8% feeling it's on the decline. Even compared to just five years ago 43% think it's becoming more common to 9% who believe it's become less so.

We've talked frequently about how North Carolina gives its politicians some of the lowest approval ratings of any state in the country- these findings may at least be a start to explaining some of that- elected officials just haven't earned a whole lot of trust from their constituents.

Full results here


ilona@israel said...

I read an article where it states that "The board also said Easley's campaign illegally solicited $9,000 in donations to the state Democratic Party while promising that the money would be funneled back to the campaign".

Anonymous said...

I have only been up in nc for a little over two years now and it seems every time you turn around your local, countys are wanting money for this that and the other. Our roads suck our educational system sucks. I have no issues paying my taxes if there were only to go to what we seem to be paying them for. The writtings on the wall seems we are heading to being a facist state where the goverment tells us when we can even eat and where to take a crap. Seems it might be time to move to a communist country that way when it comes full circle I'll be ready .

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