Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some good news for Dems from Civitas

There is some good news for Democrats in the latest Civitas poll:

-Bev Perdue's approval is now a 43/49 spread, compared to 29/63 in their previous survey. That's a 28 point gain in her net approval. Our newest round of numbers on her, which we'll release next week, also show movement in the right direction if not to that extent.

-They also have Barack Obama's approval going from 44/53 to 50/48, an 11 point improvement. We'll release our Obama numbers tomorrow and we also see positive movement for him, although again not of that magnitude.

-They also asked if voters would prefer a candidate who voted to raise taxes to protect education funding or one who cut education funding to avoid raising taxes. By a 59-28 margin respondents said they would prefer the one who raised taxes to protect education, something that has to be heartening for legislative Democrats running for reelection in a tough political climate next year. It looks like at least one argument they can make on their behalf might hold sway with the voters.

Most of the rest of the poll is a regurgitation of right wing talking points, you can see the full results here

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