Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vote on where we poll next week

It's time for another round of voting on where we poll. Thanks for all of your nominations. Here are your choices:

-Delaware. Most polling this year had shown Mike Castle in the lead but last week Susquehanna came out with one showing Beau Biden on top. Is the health care issue really hurting Castle?

-Georgia. Said it before, will say it again, if there is a sleeper Republican seat where Democrats might have a better opportunity than they realize it could be Johnny Isakson's. We showed him with an approval rating in the 30s last November. It also wouldn't be unprecedented for Georgia to provide a late breaking opportunity for Democrats- same thing happened last year. In the current political climate it's hard to see a Dem being competitive there but who knows about a year from now.

-Illinois Primary.
Barely two months away and there are interesting contests in both parties for Governor and the Senate. I'm most interested in the Republican Senate primary- are attacks on Mark Kirk's moderation giving Patrick Hughes any traction? And of course there are a couple hot races on the Democratic side.

-South Carolina.
Really interested to see if Mark Sanford's finally below 30. Interested to see if Lindsey Graham has Olympia Snowe style approval ratings- more popular with Democrats than Republicans. And of course they have Gubernatorial and Senate races next year.

Those are your choices, voting is open until Monday morning and with that I am off to Grandmother's in South Carolina where three days of local flavor will doubtless better qualify me to poll the state should it be this week's winner.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Timothy said...

South Carolina. I read that 2 internal polls show Graham tanking after Charleston County Republicans (not exactly conservative icons) censured him for not being conservative enough. Plus, it's my home state. :-)

Anonymous said...

Colorado gets no love?

Anonymous said...

Will you poll Delaware's at large congressional district

Anonymous said...

I second Anonymous 3:16 PM. I'd really like to see a Bennet vs. Norton poll. Also would like to see Obama's approval in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

If you Delaware, could you also poll primary matchups in the House race too?

John Carney (D)
Scott Spencer (D)

Will try to get back with the R matchups.

Anonymous said...

I agree about Colorado, but SC and GA is interesting too for dems.

More interesting polls for dems would be for MN-Gov (with more republicans than Coleman), for CT-Gov (without Rell), for VT-Gov and maybe for RI-Gov.

Cpt. Robespierre said...

Delaware please. Senate (general and R primary) and House (probably D primary). Thanks.

Anonymous said...


David said...

AG Biden was helped by favorable press surrounding his return from Iraq. I doubt Castle was hurt by opposing Pelosi care which is not burning in fevor even among Democrats.

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