Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some key words in the Cunningham non-candidacy letter

Chris Cillizza suggests this morning that despite Cal Cunningham's announcement Monday night that he will not run for the Senate, he may yet be recruited into the race by Senate Democrats if Bob Etheridge is a no go.

I don't think so. These to me were clearly the key words in Cunningham's announcement:
Thanks, too, to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for their professionalism, encouragement and guidance on putting together a campaign team of the best.

Their partnership is an essential ingredient in winning Senate campaigns.

The implications of that last line were pretty clear to me- he didn't have the partnership of the DSCC, wasn't going to have the partnership of the DSCC at least this time around, and didn't think he could win a Senate campaign without the partnership of the DSCC. Which frankly he's probably right about- he was going to need their help to raise the money necessary for a winning campaign.

It's seemed evident for months that the reason for Cunningham's 'will he or won't he' style campaign was that he was waiting to see whether he would receive the blessing of the DSCC or not. It looks like he got the answer to that question, and finally made up his mind.

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