Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GOP unity, support from independents key today

We think tonight will be very good for Republicans.

Two of the main reasons for that are superior party unity and pretty overwhelming support from independents.

In NY-23 despite the presence more or less of two Republican candidates on the ballot, Doug Hoffman is winning 71% of the GOP vote to Bill Owens' 67% of the Democratic vote. Hoffman leads Owens 52-30 with independents.

In New Jersey Chris Christie is getting 82% of the Republican vote while Jon Corzine is at 72% of the Democratic vote. Christie leads 52-29 with independents.

In Maine 77% of Republicans support the overturn of gay marriage while 71% of Democrats are opposed to it. Independents say they'll vote for it by a 52-46 margin.

In Virginia 94% of Republicans are for Bob McDonnell to 87% of Democrats for Creigh Deeds. McDonnell is up 63-33 with independents.

In Charlotte 89% of Republicans intend to vote for John Lassiter to 81% of Democrats for Anthony Foxx. Lassiter leads 51-40 with independents.

From the high levels of party unity it's clear that Republicans voters see the path back to power will require staying on the same page. And whether it's because the Democrats have bad candidates or they're unhappy with President Obama, independents are giving the GOP very high levels of support. It should be the best Republican election night since George W. Bush got reelected.


Marvin said...

That's a real bummer. But I'd rather the GOP have their big night tonight than next year. I'm very hopeful that the Hoffman far right wing nonsense will backfire on them in a huge way.

As the economy recovers and if a good health car reform bill is passed, I see good things for the Democratic party in 2010.

They have to do a good job of framing the debate: George W. Bush and the Republicans destroyed the economy, Barack Obama and the Presidents helped it back to it's feet.

Unknown said...

And Marvin, if you knew the first thing about market economics you would know the economic recovery you anticipate is NOT going to happen with the twin millstones of healthcare "reform" and cap and trade. These two pieces of legislation, if they pass, will insure the economy is anemic, at best, in 2012.

However, I never underestimate the democrat party's ability to undermine elections though. I suspect President ACORN will survive in 2012 but he will be severly limited by a congress that will be decidedly more conservative thanks to likes of fascists such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

ryukyu said...

The only jobs Obama has saved or created are gov't jobs. I guess if you think the gov't taking control of your life making and everyone dependent on it is helping the economy back on it's feet, then, more power to you Marvin.

Black Political Buzz said...


Thank you for delivering such credible political data to America's voters. I follow your stats religiously. As a Black Democrat who is fed up with Status Quo Democrats, today I voted for Republican John Lassiter in the Charlotte Mayoral race. I'm sick of Dems stringing me along with Broken promises as though I'm some kind of idiot who can't distinguish between fact or fiction. John Lassiter has a crystal clear proven record of Public Service, Integrity, Fairness and Business Acumen. Race no longer matters to me, however a clear path of understanding how Government and Business does matter. That's why John Lassiter is the right choice for Charlotte's Economic Future. Good-bye Mayor Pat. We'll miss you. Go Lassiter and God Bless!

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