Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deep Divisions on Obama

For our monthly look at Barack Obama's approval rating nationally we decided to have voters give him a letter grade in addition to a straight up or down vote on his performance.

Overall Obama's 'GPA' comes out to a 2.1, somewhere between a C and a C+. That's a middle ground grade, but when it comes to individual evaluations of Obama there is little of that middle ground within the American electorate. A majority of voters give him either the highest or lowest grade, with 30% rating him as an A and 26% giving him an F. Even though his numbers average out to a C only 7% actually give him that grade, with the remaining 37% of the country split almost evenly between B's and D's. By and large voters either really like or really dislike Obama.

Obama's approval this month slips below 50% for the first time, with 49% of voters giving him good marks for his mark and 46% disapproving. Obama's numbers with Democrats and independents are almost identical to what they were in October, but he's at a new low with Republicans as 87% now disapprove of his work with only 10% in support. That's down from a 13/82 spread a month ago.

Opposition to Obama on health care has reached its highest level now as well, with a majority of Americans now saying for the first time that they're against his plan. While support has remained steady with Democrats, Republicans and independents are becoming more firm in their push back. 92% of GOP voters say no, up from 84% a month ago, as do 58% of independents, up from 47% in October. It's interesting to note that even as independent voters have hardened their opposition on health care their overall support for Obama remains unchanged. Overall 52% of voters say they're opposed to Obama on health care with 40% supportive.

How is all of this affecting Obama's long term reelection prospects? We'll have our newest round of 2012 polling out tomorrow.

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