Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama on the rise in North Carolina

Barack Obama's approval rating in North Carolina is headed in the right direction this month. An equal 47% of the state's voters approve and disapprove of his job performance after PPP's monthly surveys from August through October had found his numbers in the red.

Obama's climb in our numbers matches a recent Civitas finding that his approval had improved to 50/48 from 44/53 in its previous poll.

In addition to asking Obama's straight approval this month we also had respondents give him a letter grade. Reflecting the extent to which most Americans either really love or really hate Obama, 61% gave him either an A or an F, with 32% giving him the highest grade and 29% the lowest. His 'GPA' with North Carolina voters comes out at 2.1, or somewhere between a C and a C+.

This improvement in Obama's standing means that a year after he took the state in the Presidential race by the smallest of margins he is in more or less the exact same position now that he was then. North Carolinians are evenly divided in their feelings about Obama and if he had to stand before the voters in the state again today it would probably be just as close as it was last year.

Looking at Obama's standing with various groups of the electorate you also find little movement from who supported him at the polls a year ago. He is popular with liberal, moderates, women, African Americans, young voters, and those in the Triangle and metro Charlotte. He is unpopular with conservatives, men, whites, senior citizens, and folks in the Triad and the mountains.

Most North Carolinians made up their minds about Obama more than a year ago, and few are changing them.

Full results here

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Brandon K said...

I'm not sure you can conclude that he is in the same position he was in November 2008. You are comparing actual voters versus a poll of registered voters.

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