Monday, January 18, 2010

ACORN in Massachusetts

Scott Brown may be leading in the race for Ted Kennedy's seat in the US Senate, but his supporters are still feeling some trepidation about his chances. 39% of them on our poll said they thought ACORN would try to steal the election for Martha Coakley while 23% think it will not and 38% are unsure.

Overall 25% of voters in the state think ACORN will mess with the Senate election while 38% don't and 37% are unsure.

I think to most sane people the thought that ACORN would or could steal an election is pretty goofball, but if Martha Coakley pulls out a small victory tomorrow after most of the polls have shown Brown in the lead you'd better believe you're going to be hearing the ACORN card played quite a bit.


Anonymous said...

Go Scot Go!!!!!!

Glenn Koons said...

Two comments: I wanted the Colo. rep polled because Colo. is a Purple state and has a guv's race, a Senatorial race and the House races that all will be close. We shall see if that Western state will push out Obamabots. Second; the Brown race and ACORN-SEIU. The idea that Dem registrar of voters would cheat, is justified. From Ill. to Boston to Phila. to NY, this Tammany Hall trick of COUNTING VOTES is an old play that Dems do well. Turnout is important and no one who is for Brown should stay at home. If it is close, they will cheat. Mass., make it a rout for Brown.

Brian said...

I assume you recall Christine Gregoire (WA Gov '04) and Al Franken (MN Senate '08) as two of the most visible examples of suspected post-election manipulation. In both cases, AFAIK, once the Democrat candidate had enough 'newly discovered ballots' to be declared the winner, the flow of ballots mysteriously dried up.

If Brown would win outright by a couple of percentage points based on the first counting of the ballots, I pretty strongly expect to see the same sort of trickle of 'overlooked ballots' or whatnot, probably coming from the Democrat-leaning districts of Suffolk county.

Jessica Tamblyn said...

Intrade is currently predicting Brown's chances of winning at 70%

Anonymous said...

Acorn should NOT be allowed anywhere near this!!!

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