Monday, January 11, 2010

Patrick and Paterson

Deval Patrick got 30% of the vote in a Boston Globe poll out today and our numbers on the race tomorrow will show him in even worse shape.

It makes you wonder: why is the Obama administration trying to get David Paterson out but not Patrick? They're really in very similar positions. Certainly in Andrew Cuomo there is a more obvious alternative for the Democrats in New York, but there are no shortage of Democrats in high elected offices in Massachusetts either.

It's probably because Obama is much closer to Patrick than Paterson, but given the President's usual bottom line oriented nature it's a little surprising the White House would let that get in the way if they think Patrick's at serious risk this fall. Maybe they think he's going to be alright.

We actually tested a Democratic alternative to Patrick on our poll and found him considerably more popular than the Governor, but that his horse race numbers weren't much different because black voters hesitated to commit to supporting him in the general election.

We'll have that all out tomorrow.


natthedem said...

Patrick has a better shot at winning because he's in a 3-way race.

Mary Sparks said...

Natthedem is right but I would also add that 1. Patterson offended many NY Dems when he chose Gilenbrand over Caroline Kennedy. This is his punishment. And 2. I think Patrick will take an appt in the Obama Administration sometime this spring to save face.

Anonymous said...

The President is much closer to Patrick. The White House has not forgotten how Paterson abused Caroline Kennedy (they know the real story). If the President wants Patrick out, he will give him another job (though Patrick may well be unconfirmable for a cabinet position because of his service on the board of sleazy subprime lender.

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Paterson is not the same case, the difference is Andrew Cuomo.

Where is the Andrew Cuomo of Massachusetts what crush Deval Patrick?

Why this interest in attack to Deval Patrick?

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