Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kissell good for renomination

Support for a primary challenge to Larry Kissell from the left is limited. Only 29% of Democratic primary voters in his district say they would like to see him replaced by someone more progressive and asked directly about a match up between Kissell and 2002 Democratic nominee Chris Kouri they express support for the incumbent by a margin of 49-15.

Although a lot of attention has been given to the possibility of liberals unhappy with Kissell denying him renomination it's important to keep in mind a few key facts about the Democrats in his district:

-Almost as many of them (22%) identify as conservatives as liberals (23%)

-They are twice as likely (27%) to think that the Democrats in Congress are too liberal as they are (12%) to think they're too conservative.

The Democratic activists in the district may lean more to the left side but the rank and file Democratic voters are more center right in their views than center left and most of them seem fine with Kissell. His occasional votes against the Democratic agenda in the House are helping him more with some Republicans and conservative leaning independents than they are hurting him with the party base and that's why he appears to be in a better position for reelection than most freshman swing district Democrats.

Full results here

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Anonymous said...

One problem here - no informed questions. A plurality of respondants believe Kissell voted for health care reform.

However, it does mean that anyone running against Kissell would have to spend a lot of money to correct that misconception.

Thanks for polling the race!

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