Monday, January 11, 2010

PPP and Roy Williams

You know your polling company has hit the big time when you make the autobiography of the best college basketball coach in the country.

I was finishing up Roy Williams' book Friday night when I was stunned to come across a passage reading:

"Wanda and I both got a big kick out of a local newspaper poll that came out after the 2009 championship, which determined that 76 percent of North Carolina Tar Heels fans have a favorable opinion of me. When I read that I was thinking, "Gosh, in the previous five years we've won more games than anybody else in the country, we've been to three Final Fours and won two national championships. If it's 76 percent now, it isn't going to go anywhere but down. What the heck do I need to do to please those other 24 percent?"

He got the attribution wrong- we conducted the poll and he probably read about it in the newspaper. But his sentiments on hard to please Carolina fans are pretty similar to the ones I expressed at the time of the poll:

"I guess some folks just expect the team to win the national championship every year. Or maybe they were disgruntled they lost four games last year instead of going undefeated. Some people are hard to please."

Anyway I was very pleased to see our numbers make it into the book of one of the people whose work I most admire and appreciate of anyone out there, and I encourage all of my fellow Carolina folks to read his book.

Expect to see some new polling about the Carolina-Dook rivalry as we move toward their first match up of the season next month.

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