Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Edwards' popularity declines

In the wake of new revelations about them in the book Game Change John and Elizabeth Edwards have both seen their popularity in North Carolina decline.

John was already the record holder for the most unpopular person we've polled anywhere at any time but he's hit a new low now with 15% of voters in the state holding a favorable opinion of him, down from 19% last May. 72% have a negative opinion of him.

He's still seen positively by 25% of Democrats but only 9% of independents and 3% of Republicans. Interestingly despite his new image as a philanderer men have a more unfavorable opinion of him (75%) than women (68%).

Elizabeth has seen the larger decline in her popularity but that's mostly because she had a lot further to drop. 46% of voters in the state have a favorable opinion of her, down from 58% in May. 27% now see her in a negative light. Her largest shift has come among Republicans. They saw her positively by a 50/27 spread last spring but now do so negatively 41/33.

It's important to note that despite her declining numbers Edwards is still more popular than the Governor or either of the state's Senators.

Game Change has definitely had a negative impact on the image of North Carolina's most famous couple.

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