Thursday, January 14, 2010

More from NC-8

Finishing off our NC-8 poll here's what we found about some statewide stuff within the district:

-Bev Perdue's approval rating there comes down at 33/56. Given that the 8th is slightly more Democratic than the state as a whole that's probably an early indicator that when we look at her statewide this weekend she's still going to be hovering around that 30% mark.

-At 38/43 Richard Burr has a negative approval rating there, but he leads a generic Democratic candidate 45/44. Burr won the 8th District by a single point in 2004 as he won statewide by 5 so that suggests he's really in a very similar position right now to the first time he ran. In a bad political climate for Dems he's at about a 4-6 point advantage. We'll see where that goes if the economy gets better or Democrats can in some other way get their act together. He would have been toast in 2006 or 2008 but certainly timing counts for a lot in politics.

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