Monday, June 7, 2010

Voting Time

Ok here are the choices for where we'll do one of our two polls this week. Voting is open until Tuesday:

-Louisiana. Along with North Carolina this is supposed to be one of the two Senate races where Democrats have the best chance of knocking off an incumbent and of course there's plenty of stuff to poll there post-oil spell.

-Massachusetts. Polling on the Governor's race has been pretty limited and I'm really interested to take a deeper look at how folks are feeling now about Scott Brown.

-Pennsylvania. Haven't looked since the primary and the data that's out there is fairly conflicting.

-Washington. We haven't polled on this race at all yet this cycle and this is another one where there's not much consensus in the polling community about how competitive it is.

-Wisconsin. Non-Rasmussen polling finished after Tommy Thompson bowed out. Does the GOP really still have a chance here or not? Wisconsin also has a competitive race for Governor.

Voting's open until Thursday!


evie said...


btw - strong numbers in 538's new rankings. Congrats. Glad to know your polls are reliable.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana. See if oil spill has affected Jindal or Vitter. Also would be interesting to see who is considering a run or ahead in Lt. Gov race since, if it is a Dem, the winner of that race will likely take on Jindal.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Wisconsin because there is zero polling there, and it seems that Wisconsin might win to be polled, but Washington needs to be polled, and I guess that you'll poll it soon. The new Washington poll indicates that it's a dead heat.

Anonymous said...

Tom, if you poll LA you HAVE to poll the recall of Mary Landrieu. She is hated here now and is getting terrible press for her response to the oil spill. Also, you need to poll the LT. Gov race. The candidates and likely candidates are:
Jay Dardeene (SoS, R)
Roger Villere (LAGOP Chair, R)
Kevin Davis (St. Tammany Parish President, R)
Sammy Kershaw (Country Music singer, R)

Foster Campbell (Public Service Commissioner, D)
Sen. President Joel Chaisson (D)
Sen. AG Crowe (R)
Treasurer John Kennedy (R)
Business man John Georges (D, maybe I)

Anonymous said...

I voted for Wisconsin. You have a senate race against Russ Feingold against Republican Ron Johnson who wasn't even officially in the race 3 weeks ago. The only numbers in that race were done by Rasmussen, that was probably skewed as it took place days after Ron Johnson won the Republican endorsement. We need to see if this is actually a race and if we have a real chance to unseat one of the most Liberal members of the Senate over the past decade.

Also there is a contentious Republican Primary for Governor. Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are both polling to beat Tom Barrett in the general election, but there hasn't been a head to head comparison of the two Republican candidates in some time, all indicators point to the primary being a real race between a career politician in the only city to elect a socialist mayor in Scott Walker, vs. a successful business man and veteran of the Conservative Revolution of '94 in Mark Neumann.

There are zero numbers in Wisconsin that mean anything right now we need new polling in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Please do LA. It has been forever since a non Rass poll and it would be nice to see how Louisianans feel about the response to the oil spill on all levels. A good teaser question would be if BP’s head should be fired or not. Also check out the lite gov race too. Thanks!

wt said...

I voted for Wisconsin, but actually am not desperate for you to poll there.

Just please poll anywhere other than Louisiana. It's winning now, but it's such a huge waste of time. Vitter is crushing Melancon, and there's no need to do early Gov polling or, as one commenter suggested, the Lietantant Governor's race. Seriously.

If you haven't voted yet, please don't vote for Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

wt, how do you know its a waste of time? No one's bothered to look at the Senate race in a while.

Christian Liberty said...

Obama's embarrassing incompetence and political opportunism are on display in the Gulf Oil Crisis.

"Nothing more fully reveals the essential character of a person or group than a crisis. Thus, the ecological and political catastrophe of the Gulf oil spill has exposed a breathtaking level of incompetence, political opportunism and mendacity at the heart of the Obama administration. Documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity make clear that the White House was told by the Coast Guard within 24 hours of the April 20 explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon platform that the equivalent of 8,000 barrels a day could escape into the ocean. Within three days, Obama and his senior aides were warned that the spill could exceed the in environmental damage caused by the Exxon Valdez wreck in 1989.
Despite these warnings, over the next two months Obama attended Democratic fundraisers, played golf, hosted basketball and football teams at the White House and delivered commencement speeches. Two weeks passed before he could be bothered to go to Louisiana."

Obama's blundering incompetence and opportunism make Bush's response to Katrina look like a model of good governance. Any comparisons to Bush clearly show how Obama is a grossly inferior shell of a man. We certainly traded DOWN when we got stuck with Barack Obama.

The Original Donald said...

Louisiana, to see what effect the Gulf oil spill has had

Christian Liberty said...

The embarrassment that is Barack Obama is on full display in the incompetent and corrupt handling of the Guld Oil Spill.

Those who were paying attention already knew that Obama was a clown. The Gulf Oil spill just exposes the clown to the rest of the nation.

Anonymous said...

How is LA a waste of time? There has been NO non-rasmussen polling of the state. The last PPP poll was in July. PPP has poll Wisconsin TWICE since November. Our race is between two known candidates, not an incumbent and unknown businessman. Johnson will not be known until he starts advertising. It will be boring. We actually have something going on here that is interesting to see polling about with the oil spill. If any of those choices is a wasted poll, its the state PPP polled twice in 6 months, Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Republican Primary poll in Wisconsin.

Mark Neumann: businessman with some Congress experience from the famed 1994 freshman class

Scott Walker: Milwaukee county executive (one of the worst counties in the U.S.), entire career climbing the political ladder, and backed by all the republican leaders and endorsed by the republican party

It's one of the classic outsider / insider or businessperson / career politician matchups that we've seen in many other states. The last public primary poll was several months ago and had the 2 candidates tied, or separated by 1 point or something like that (St. Norbert's poll?)

Mel010100 said...

Wisconsin, please!

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