Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Did I mention...

That Palin is tanking everywhere?

Here is the teaser for our Michigan poll tomorrow:


Palin Favorability

Horse Race



Obama +1





Anonymous said...

Obama +7. Look at the big numbers for Obama today from Quin and CNN polls. He is up big almost everywhere (NV, FLA, VA, OH, PA, MN); heck he is even ahead in Missouri.

Lance S said...

Huh! I also guess +7. He really seems to be taking control in the Wolverine state.

Levi said...

HI + WA + OR + CA + NV + NM + CO + MO + IA + MN + WI + IL + IN + MI + OH + FL + NC + VA + DC + MD + DE + PA + NJ + NY + CT + RI + MA + VT + NH + ME = YES WE CAN!

Let's not just win this election. Let's win this thing *big*! The potential is clearly there.

- said...

I say Obama +9.

Jerome Armstrong said...

I am a maverick and say that Obama is down by 5. Go McCain.

Jerome Armstrong founder of

Tim Weiss said...

McCain up -7

Anonymous said...

Still bitter from the primaries are we Jerome? Too bad (for you) Obama decided AGAINST hiring you as his internet mouthpiece and you had to go high tail it elsewhere. For those who are unaware Jerome Armstrong is the founder of MyDD or as others have nicknamed it My Delusional Democrats

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