Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama and the Female Vote

Barack Obama has been running ads in heavy rotation on the radio in North Carolina targeting the female vote by contrasting his views on gender pay equity with those of John McCain. Are his efforts working?

Overall the effect seems to be pretty small- some segment of undecided women is moving in his direction:


Obama’s Lead with Women









Beyond the topline number though there are some pretty strong indicators that his efforts are resonating with the particular women he needs to reach. In our August 26th poll John McCain was up 53-29 with independent women. Now Obama is up 45-40. He's also improved a 72-17 standing with Democratic women to a 75-16 one. His increasing strength with those two particular groups is an indication that his efforts are helping to win over former supporters of Hillary Clinton who may have been unsure whether they were going to stick with the Democratic Party in the general election or not.

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