Thursday, September 11, 2008

Colorado President

Barack Obama 47
John McCain 46

Barack Obama is holding onto a one point lead in Colorado, down from four in PPP's previous two polls of the state.

Colorado continues a trend PPP has found in several battleground states this week of John McCain gaining support from white voters since the two party conventions. Where he led by just two points with that demographic in August, it is now six.

Obama is winning overall in the state because of his overwhelming support from the state's growing Hispanic electorate, with which he has a 58-34 advantage. The traditionally red states of Virginia and Colorado are toss ups this year because of changing demographics in their voting populations- whether they've changed enough to flip this year could determine who our next President is.

Having the Democratic convention in Denver does not seem to have helped Obama's prospects. Only 15% of voters in the state say it affected their votes one way or the other, and within that group 9% said it made them less likely to support Obama while just 6% said it made them more likely to support him.

A discussion of the effect VP choices are having on the race in the state here.

Full results here.

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Anonymous said...

Is there no Senate polling out of this poll? Why is that?

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