Friday, September 5, 2008

Next Week

The conventions have certainly been interesting but I am glad that it is now time to get back to state by state polling! We will have new surveys next week in Michigan, Florida, and Colorado.

In addition of course to the horse race, we'll take a look at how voters in each of those states are perceiving the choices of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. In Florida we'll also run Ron Klein and Allen Boyd against Mel Martinez in what I think is going to be the end of our 2010 Senate testing between now and November so that we can focus everything on the more immediate races. In Colorado we're asking voters there whether hosting the convention turned them on to or turned them off from the Democrat ticket, and in Michigan we'll ask Obama supporters and undecideds if Mitt Romney on the ticket could have changed their votes.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

While are you asking about Romney, please also ask about Clinton.


p smith said...

Tom, when will you be carrying out the fieldwork? Given that we need a few days for the convention bounces to settle out, I hope the interviews won't start till Monday. Don't do a Rasmussen on us now...!

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