Saturday, September 27, 2008


We went in the field in Florida this morning, and so far 68% of respondents have listed the economy as their top issue.

I'll leave it to your imagination who's winning by more than a few points.

Standard caveat: it's the first round of calls and it could change over the field period. Look for the results Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Are you still asking about the Senate? Also, are you going to break down your results by days to see if people's minds change as they have time to 'absorb' the results of the debate? (SNL might actually be relevant.)

Minor other question: Any chance of you polling West Virginia? We've gotten mixed results there, and some pollsters (ARG, CNN) peg it as within 5 points, while Rasmussen has it much less competitive at 8.

Anonymous said...

Polling NH please. We have few polls for NH. NH has only 4 evs but at this moment it's a very close race in every poll.

p smith said...

Tom, if I recall correctly, you are releasing polls for FL and MI this week with OH and VA next week. Is that still your plan and, if so, on what days do you plan to release the FL and MI polls this week.

A suggestion. Any chance of adding a box at the top of the blogspot page showing which polls are due for the coming week and dates?

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