Monday, September 22, 2008

Council of State: Gains for Democrats


Janet Cowell 45
Bill Daughtridge 39

Insurance Commissioner:

Wayne Goodwin 41
John Odom 34
Mark McMains 9

Labor Commissioner:

Mary Fant Donnan 43
Cherie Berry 43

These races are starting to look more the way you would expect in a state with a major Democratic registration edge and in a political climate that appears favorable to Democrats. Incumbent Democrats and those in open seats, like Cowell and Goodwin, should win comfortably. And in races with Republican incumbents- like Labor- the contests should pretty much be toss ups given the overall circumstances of the 2008 election.

Just to review we are going to be polling the down ballot races in clusters of three. Next week will be Lieutenant Governor, Agriculture Commissioner, and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Full results here.

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