Friday, September 26, 2008

Wake County Poll: Commissioners

Stan Norwalk 46
Kenn Gardner 36

Betty Lou Ward 50
Larry Tilley 35

Harold Webb 46
Venita Peyton 36

Wake County is trending strongly Democratic this year, and it looks like incumbent Republican Kenn Gardner is likely to lose his seat, tilting the balance of power among the County Commissioners.

Gardner trails by ten points in his reelection bid despite voters being largely unfamiliar with his recent issues concerning advocating for public money to go toward a swimming poll that he received design fees from. Just 38% of voters reported being aware of that controversy, and it's a good thing for Gardner because among those folks Norwalk is leading by an even wider 53-29 margin.

When presented with some basic facts about the swimming pool problem, 54% of voters said it made them less likely to vote for Gardner this fall.

The changing political landscape of Wake County probably would have made reelection a difficult proposition for Gardner anyway, but as voters become more aware of his recent issues his prospects for reelection will likely fade even more.

Incumbent Democrats Ward and Webb look safe for reelection.

Full results here.

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