Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NC Senate

Kay Hagan 43
Elizabeth Dole 42
Chris Cole 6

Kay Hagan built her lead as the DSCC attacked Elizabeth Dole with little response. Dole's campaign and the NRSC have started fighting back hard the last few weeks but Hagan's holding her own and this race remains firmly in the toss up category.

A big key for Hagan and really all down ballot Democrats is how far Barack Obama's coattails will carry them with black voters. In this particular survey Obama is at 85% with them, while Hagan has just 68% of their votes. If she ups that she'll be in even better shape.

Dole's up 50-36 among white voters- typically a Republican needs more like a 20 point lead with that demographic to win statewide in North Carolina.

This one will continue to be interesting to watch.

Full results here

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