Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NC Governor

Bev Perdue 41
Pat McCrory 40
Michael Munger 6

With less than two months to go until the election the race for Governor is pretty much tied up. One thing that has helped Pat McCrory tighten the contest is an increasing level of support from voters in his own party, with fewer crossing over to support Bev Perdue. That's an indication that McCrory has won over GOP primary voters who may have been concerned that he is not sufficiently conservative.

Of course that cuts both ways- if the Perdue campaign is successful in painting McCrory as not so much the moderate he often projects to be they could win back some of the Democrats, particularly in Charlotte, who are planning to cross over to support McCrory. And with a significant Democratic id advantage in North Carolina this year there's no path to the Governor's mansion for McCrory that doesn't include a healthy amount of Democratic support.

Also worth watching here is Perdue's share of the black vote- right now, like for Kay Hagan, it's at 68%. If the folks coming out to vote for Barack Obama also choose the rest of the Democratic ticket in the numbers that black voters typically do then Perdue will be in a better position.

This race seems likely at this point to be the closest Gubernatorial contest in the country this year and should be exciting to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Here are my recommendations for Perdue:
1. Acquire a new list of words other than good or hard.
2. Do not smile when you are talking about crime.
3. Use your own thoughts/ideas not the NCAE or state employees.
4.Answer the questions(What would you do different from Easley) Be more hands on????????

Anonymous said...

Also dont talk about corruption, right?

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