Thursday, September 4, 2008

More from the Democracy Corps Poll

Here are some other things I found interesting in the Democracy Corps poll:

-Richard Burr has only 61% name recognition. By comparison it's 90% for Elizabeth Dole. That just seems remarkably low to me for an incumbent Senator in a likely voters poll, and it's more confirmation that his incumbency advantage in 2010 might not be as strong as it is for most Senators. This follows on the heels of a poll we did in June that found 47% of North Carolinians have no opinion on his job performance one way or the other. Paging Grier Martin and Roy Cooper...

-57% of North Carolinians have unfavorable feelings toward John Edwards now. That's not a surprise, but it's the first data I've seen on it since the Rielle Hunter revelations.

-7% of North Carolinians think Barack Obama is a Muslim. Not sure what to make of that one way or the other.

I have at least one more post about this poll and am just really glad they did it. It's very rare that this much data is made publicly available from a survey.

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