Monday, September 22, 2008

NC Governor: Pretty Much the Same

Bev Perdue 44
Pat McCrory 43
Michael Munger 6

For the second week in a row Bev Perdue is holding onto a small lead for Governor. She remains in place even as Kay Hagan and Barack Obama each gain four points compared to our previous survey.

Some of the problems she's having:

-Connecting with urban voters. While Obama has a 19 point lead and Hagan has a 15 point lead with those folks, Perdue's lead is just nine even though its party breakdown is 62% Democrats and 27% Republicans. A lot of that has to do with McCrory's standing in Charlotte but it's nevertheless somewhere she probably needs to improve.

-Democratic Men. Perdue is losing 21% of the votes of men within her party to McCrory. This is not being balanced by support for her from Republican women. Just 11% of them are planning to vote for her.

A problem he's having:

-Connecting with rural voters. McCrory has an 18 point lead with rural voters, but that's not near as good as the 32 and 23 point leads John McCain and Elizabeth Dole have with them respectively. There may not be a Charlotte curse but it's clear the urban Mayor is not doing as well with these folks as the other major candidates of his party.

Perdue's probably still the favorite in this race but she isn't getting much momentum.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

I will bet any amount of money McCrory will carry twenty out of the 26 Western countioes of the most rural part of the state. That is of course if their property is not located near one of the appointees of Easley on DOT. That will mean the value had doubled.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Mike Munger is gaining in the African American community. They are tired of the corruption and lack of educational choice.

Munger is the only candidate pointing out that the hwy funds have been going to build new roads for influential contributors to well connected legislators. My aren't those pretty new ribbons of hwy down in Predue's district. Raiding DOT funds for essential repair of bridges and existing roads. It is a catastrophic event just waiting to happen.

Munger is the only candidate pointing out that the legislature not only sees the hwy fund as a giant cookie jar of money for their pet projects. That the legislature treats the school funds in the same way. What solution does Perdue offer. Perdue suggests we raise more bonds to build schools. So if legislatures steals money from the school fund, we should reward them with more money to steal from and not spend it appropriately?

Both the Republicans and the Democrats are all about rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies. The people of North Carolina are the ones who end up suffering as both of these candidates dive for the middle. I would strongly urge people to learn more about Dr. Michael Munger

Today September 23rd is Dr. Munger's 50th Birthday if you believe in Liberty and a real change please consider giving him a contribution birthday gift.

Anonymous said...

How many scandals have happened under the Easley/Basnight/Black/ Perdue watch?

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