Saturday, September 20, 2008

New North Carolina Poll

We're going to release our newest North Carolina poll tonight. I'll give you a clue:


% listing economy as top issue




McCain +14



McCain +7



McCain +3





thisniss said...

This post sent a tingling feeling down my leg.

Andy JS said...

Can't wait for the poll to come out. We need a poll from Virginia as well.

Anonymous said...

So you are going to be the only pollster EVER to show Obama up in NC?

You guys really amaze me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

my guess is Obama up 5%

Rasmus said...

andy, they just polled VA last week.
PPPs opinion from Virginia is there.
My guess- Obama leading by 1.

Anonymous said...

Only your polls show Obama, Hagan and Perdue ahead in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers across NC have commented on the new unemployment figures just released as being the highest in seven years.

Anonymous said...

to: thisniss
Is that like Chris Mathews comment after Obama's speech?

Anonymous said...

McCain +1?

Anonymous said...

When's the poll released tonight?

Anonymous said...

I must ask : When tonight are you going to release your NC poll?

STepper said...

I hope that tingling thisniss felt wasn't his colostomy bag bursting.

Anonymous said...

What time will this be released?

Anonymous said...

for every 4-5 point for economy being important Mccain's lead is reduced by half.

the importance of economy for voters increased by 10 points and McCain was leading by 3 point that would mean a virtual tie in the new poll.

Anonymous said...

Come on, guys. We need our fix. Where's the poll?

Anonymous said...

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