Monday, November 3, 2008

Missouri State Offices

Jay Nixon has really pulled away in the contest to be Missouri's next Governor and now leads Republican challenger Kenny Hulshof 58-38. Nixon has a 31 point lead with independent voters.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan each look safe for reelection.

The races for Treasurer and Attorney General are going right down to the wire with the Democratic nominee in each race having a very small lead. Clint Zweifel is up 44-43 and Chris Koster is winning 46-43. The ultimate winners in those contests will probably end up having a lot more to do with John McCain and Barack Obama and their relative abilities to turn their supporters out than anything else.

Full results here.


Woody said...

Apparently nothing from the House races in MO-09 or MO-06, but it is good to see the statewide Democratic candidates leading. Hope some of that goodness -- and Obama's lead and ground game, of course -- can reach down to those House races as well.

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